Thank you so much for organizing the trip for us. Every piece of the puzzle fitted perfectly together.Kiev: A very interesting city. We had a well-informed guide. We were greeted at the airport – which was very helpful.  The guide was very knowledgeable and patient. The driver was a perfect gentleman. We had wonderful tours, and the visit in Malyn was particularly special. We were received by a lady who told us the history of the town as well as her personal experience. She offered us tea –  which became a full meal.

Then, an older gentleman guided us around the town. We were very impressed by what we saw and by how well the new Jewish cemetery is maintained.  The hotel offered a good breakfast and was comfortable. (The weather became very cold.)

Lviv: A beautiful city. The weather was sunny and it was warmer than in Kiev. When we arrived, we were greeted by a young man who became our guide on Friday. On Thursday, we had a very interesting guide with a wonderful sense of humor. He took us around Lviv. The driver was very nice.On Friday, our guide was Horest? (I would love to be able to contact him to thank him) He was truly exceptional.

He prepared for us with great enthusiasm and took us to Komarno, which turned out to be a very interesting visit.We met with the mayor of the town who gave us good information, and he called a man who took us to various sites and to the forest – where people have been killed during the war. The path leading to the site in the forest was muddy and drivable by the van, so we started to walk to reach our destination. Soon an old Russian truck came by, and my sister in law and I climbed in it. Then, the rest of our group got rides in wagons pulled by horses from a group of foresters who were picking up tree trunks in the forest. It was an unusual experience. Our guide also took us to a couple of other town he felt would interest us.The hotel was great and the breakfasts wonderful. Excellent location.Warsaw: The first of November was a moving experience. It turned out that the weather was very nice and it was fairly warm.The hotel was great. It was quiet and pleasant. Very well located.Lodz: It truly was a great visit with a wonderful guide and chauffeur.

We went to Brzeziny and were received by the young man who is in charge of the museum.He was very helpful and gave us a lot of information. I hope to keep in touch with him.Sophia, you arranged a perfect tour for all of us and we are truly grateful to you for making it such a pleasant and informative experience (you even ordered the perfect weather!) The people you contacted and who helped us were each wonderful in his/her personal way. The hotels were comfortable and provided us with very good breakfasts. The train ride from Kiev to Lviv was also a very pleasant experience. I must add that everyone we met during our tour was eager to provide us with information and was very pleasant.

The whole trip was perfect.

Thank you so much,Simone


By Simone M, 4 people from California and France

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