C.F   This was a well-planned, well-organized trip that surpassed our expectations. Much of this was due to the brilliance of our guide, who is not only spectacularly knowledgeable, but is an absolute genius at handling a crew of tourists like ourselves.

A.H. .  We had excellent visits at both the synagogue and the community center. Baltics: Every one was very pleased with our guide both personally and professionally. And our bus and driver was excellent. Hotels:  I agree that the hotels in Vilnius and in Riga were first class.  I don’t think that the hotel in Tallinn (Telegraaf)  was of equal quality.  It was equal in glitz, but the rooms were smaller and it didn’t seem as service friendly. Whether there is a better option there, I don’t know.   The Petro Palace is fine for the money, although quite quirky, and its décor is one step below plain.  You may know that.  But the bed was comfortable, the staff at the desk, the concierge, and the cleaning staff were first class.  As to the breakfasts (fine at the other hotels), the Petro Palace has a very broad buffet, but unfortunately nothing was really good enough to want to eat.  And their coffee was well below acceptable. Again, speaking only for myself.  Everyone liked the trip, there were no logistical snafus, and all appreciate your good service.  Restaurants:  The restaurant at the Stikliai was excellent, as (I am told) was Bistro 18 in Vilnius, Cheti in Tallinn, Teplo in St. Petersburg, and others I am not thinking of right now.  At Atria, in Vilnius (first night), the food was good, but we got there at 7, and left at almost 11 on the day people flew in, which was not the best. Lena was fascinating. We go to the synagogue etc this morning and I think she gave us context for our visit.

By Art H, group from Washington, DC

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