Tallinn Countryside Sightseeing

Sightseeing out of Tallinn, Estonia, private tours If you already seen city of Tallinn with Jewish Heritage and have more time, we recommend the following day trips: A FULL DAY TRIP TO..

Sightseeing out of Tallinn, Estonia, private tours

If you already seen city of Tallinn with Jewish Heritage and have more time, we recommend the following day trips:

This is your opportunity to learn Estonian exciting cultural history and unique nature. We invite you to discover LAHEMAA nature preserve situated at the Gulf of Finland 50 km east of Tallinn.

The history of the park goes back to 800 BC – ancient burial barrows of the local Finno-Ugric tribes have been founded at JOELAHTME.

We will visit beautiful manor houses of German landlord families dating back to the 18th centuries. All three KOLGA, PALMSE and SAGADI manors with parks, greenhouses, stables etc. have been furnished and decorated in the style of 1820th. Besides learning about Baltic baron’s lifestyle, we will get the idea about Estonians rural life in the past centuries. Fishermen’s villages there are more than 500 years old. At the idyllic captain’s village of KASMU we introduce you to Estonian seafaring past.

The most attractive part of Lahemaa is indeed the nature – bays, forests, bogs, limestone cliff and huge boulders. The park’s fauna and flora are rich as well. Lahemaa National Park is situated 45 – 90 km east from Tallinn. Preservation the park was established in 1971 in order to protect North Estonian unique nature reserve at the coastal area of the Baltic sea, wildlife, fishermen villages and manorial architecture. There is all together 112 000 ha under protection including 65 000 ha of land area and 47 000 ha of coastal sea area.

KOLGA MANOR was at the possession of de la Gardie family (17/18th cent.) and after being at the disposal of Soviet Army troops and a collective farm the mansion was given back to the Stenbocks family foundation in 1993 under the new act of property restitution in Estonia. The Stenbocks lands spread on more than 55 000 hectares. Now they are the owners of barely 100 hectares. Count Jarl Stenbock started renovation works in deserted main building.

Right now there are at visitors disposal a restaurant, a hotel, conference facilities and local lore museum but not yet the main building itself. Distance from Tallinn is about 50 kilometers.

PALMSE MANOR – MUSEUM was open for public in 1972 after thoroughly research work and decorated and refurnished in the style of the beginning of 19th century. The main building of the manor dates back to the year of 1785. The von der Pahlens family was the landlord 250 years. There have been also restored stables, storehouses, rotunda, smithies’ and several other buildings. Additional facilities: hotel, restaurant, coffee – shop, conference rooms, gift shop, local handicraft store, antique vehicles museum (cars and bicycles). Palmse is located app. 80 km for east from Tallinn.

SAGADI MANORIAL complex is providing facilities for Estonian Forestry Industry’s Museum and Educational Center. At the same time the baroque main building (1795) displays the world of the Focks family in the last century. Distance from Tallinn is about 85 km.

VIHULA MANOR is only at 6km from Sagadi to east. The whole manor complex is quit different from all 3 previous baroque complexes lacking symmetric lay out. Some of the houses there have been restored partially. Situated in beautiful river valley. The main building is not open for public.

KASMU ´s fleet was sailing once oceans and captains obtained their education both on the seas and in the Käsmu’s Marine College. This village has preserved unique and nostalgic image of the beginning of our century. Local Seafaring Museum is situated in the former tsarist Russian barracks used also by the Soviet Border Guards troops as well. ALTJA village provides the image of typical Estonian peasants village of the last century. Farmhouses, cattle-sheds and net-sheds have been renewed there as well a tavern and village’ swing bole, the main venue for traditional Estonian midsummer fest. VOSU is small and cozy resort village.


Tallinn vicinity tour to west lasts about 6 h with lunch break and includes following stops en route:

Türisalu bluff – impressively high limestone cliff near Tallinn

Keila – Joa waterfall in one of the highest in Estonia. The manor built in 1833 by Alexander Benckendorff,  the chief of the secret service in Russian empire and close friend of Nicholas I. Abandoned manor in surrounded by a lush park.

Padise convent – The massive ruins of Cistercian monks decorate the sign “National monument”. Monks built their convent for over 200 years completing it in 1448. The restorations goes on but it is possible to go inside and visit the chapel, courtyard and even to climb on the vault of the chapel up to the tower to admire the view over the surrounding landscape.

Paldiski – This small city located 50 km west from Tallinn was a Soviet military base for over 50 years. Most Estonians had a chance to visit it after 1994 when Russian troops were pulled out from Estonia. Once being the top secret submarine and training base there are still remnants of the Soviet past and major Russian population in the city. The city was founded by Peter the Great as a port and a part of the fort is preserved. The city is a weird and exciting combination of military past and intact nature.

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