Moldova Jewish Heritage Tour

Moldova 5 days Jewish Heritage Tour Highlights Jewish sites of memory in the ghost towns of the Soviet past Soroca Fortress – a pearl of fortification art One of the oldest..

Moldova 5 days Jewish Heritage Tour


  • Jewish sites of memory in the ghost towns of the Soviet past
  • Soroca Fortress – a pearl of fortification art
  • One of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the South-Eastern Europe
  • Jewish History Museum in Chisinau
  • Oldest  Pessach Jewish Wine Bottle from Cricova Golden Collection

Day 1

Once you arrive at the Chisinau International Airport, a representative of our company will meet and take you to a restaurant.

You will receive an information package with maps, guides and contact numbers that you might need during your stay in Moldova.

After lunch, you will be invited to a panoramic tour of Chisinau. During the excursion you will see in brief the main cultural and historical sites of the city. Besides all, you will visit some significant places of Jewish heritage such as the Synagogue of the Glaziers, Monument to the victims of fascism, Jewish History Museum, Monument to Chisinau pogrom victims, the Talmud Tora former school, United House of Jews in Moldova and the old Jewish cemetery.

Day 2

After a short trip you will find yourself in the medieval Fortress of Tighina, which was built in the XV-XVI centuries by the kings of Moldova. It was this fortress, where in 1769 the Tighina Jews were first mentioned. Also, inside the fortress was built the first synagogue of the city. Therefore, Tighina is one of the main centers of Jewish cultural and architectural heritage.

There are a lot of places of special memory interest, such as Monument to Holocaust victims, Gravestone at execution site near Tighina Fortress, Salesclerk’s Synagogue, Jewish cemetery and many other well preserved buildings.

In Tiraspol you will have the opportunity to travel back in time to USSR. You will start by visiting the monument of Vladimir Lenin and tanks left

Day 3

This day you will travel to Soroca – the capital of Moldovan Gypsies.

The symbol of the city is Soroca Fortress, a pearl of fortification art and one the most perfect castles in South Eastern Europe. Jewish had also left their footprint here. You will visit the Hasidic Synagogue, Monument to Holocaust victims and one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Moldova.After lunch, you will discover Balti, the city where first Jews were mentioned in the X century. Local Jewish Community is the second largest in Moldova. Here, you will visit Jewish Welfare Center “Hesed”, Chabad Synagogue, Monument to Holocaust victims and the Jewish cemetery. from the Second World War. The city seems to be a ghost of the Soviet past.

Day 4

Morning will bring you some hiking in the beautiful natural amphitheater of Orheiul Vechi.  Its originality is due to the defile of the Raut River, dug under the form of a canyon in the limestone layers of the former Sarmatia Sea, about 14 million years ago. Local ground is rich in monuments of old civilizations, stone tools and ruins of a middle aged village. In the modern city you will find one of the oldest cemeteries in the South Eastern Europe with unique monuments and gravestones dating back to ХVII and ХVIII centuries.

Visit Monument to Holocaust victims and synagogue. Your will continue the journey by exploring another city, this time an underground one.

Cricova Winery is the second largest underground winery in the world. There is an the exclusive “Easter Jewish Wine” bottle dated back to 1902, along with the greatest national and international wine collections.

Day 5

After breakfast, you will have the possibility to walk around Chisinau for a while and buy cognac you enjoyed during your trip. Afterwards, airport transfer.

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