Kusadasi-Izmir with Ephesus and Jewish Heritage

Kusadasi (Izmir), Ephesus Jewish Heritage tour for cruise or land clients Turkey Jewish Heritage Jewish Izmir (Kusadasi port) – cruise excursion Your guide will meet you at Izmir Port. The..

Kusadasi (Izmir), Ephesus Jewish Heritage tour for cruise or land clients

Turkey Jewish Heritage

Jewish Izmir (Kusadasi port) – cruise excursion Your guide will meet you at Izmir Port. The guide will hold up a sign with your name on it. Once arriving at Izmir you will visit Bet-Israel Synagogue in the same neighborhood.

This synagogue was built in 1907. The most beautiful of the synagogue is its wooden decorations. The two piece of Tevah (Bimah) and the Ehal Akodesh Bloc have been made of massive mahogany by the most famous masters of that period. Upper gallery of the synagogue serves as a museum.

Then, we drive to Kemeralti Shopping Bazaar (optional) area to go to Havra Street and the Synagogues. Havra Street gets its name from the synagogues that line it.

After Izmir, drive to Ephesus ancient city.

In the Ephesus Tour; our second stop is Ephesus ancient city.The Ephesus tour starts with your local Ephesus guide, the walking tour will take you throught one of the most magnificent excavations in the world.See the Odeon,The Fountain of Trajan, the five terraces of apartment houses,the stream baths of Scholastika,the temple of Hadrian and impressive library of Ephesus .

After the termination of the visit to Ephesus, your bus will take you to Kusadasi. Join the group for a refreshment stop and a brief carpet presentation (optional). Time permitting on the return to downtown a stop at a leather outlet for a fashion show may be included.

You will continue Sardis where many structures are still visible today.  Sardis was the fifth church addressed in Revelations.  Artemis was the main Goddess of the city and the temple dedicated to her in Sardis was one of the seven largest Greek temples. The ruins of Sardis are scattered throughout the valley, which lies beneath the striking ragged mountain range to the south. Here you will see the remains of a gymnasium, stadium and ancient churches.  View the Byzantine era shops, which once belonged to Jewish merchants and artisans. They back onto the remains of the largest synagogue in Asia Minor. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

Visit Ephesus, famous throughout the ancie nt world for its Temple of Artemis.  You will first visit Odeon Theatre where the state affairs used to be held. Then, view theHadrian Temple, It was dedicated in 118 AD to Hadrian, Artemis, and the people of Ephesus but greatly reconstructed in the 4th century. This impressive Corinthian style temple has beautiful reliefs on the porch.  According to the belief of Ephesians, the Medusa head on the porch, would protect the city from its enemies. Next, you will visit the newly excavated spectacular Terrace Houses (Villas) located on top of the hill within the City of Ephesus.

They were inhabited by wealthy Ephesians, and are finely decorated with mosaics and frescos. The Terrace Houses were brought to light in excavations carried out since the 1980s. Along with those in Pompeii, they constitute some of the most vivid examples of Roman domestic architecture to survive to the present.  Proceed to Celsus Library, The library is the best preserved  structure of its kind. The inscription on the side of the building’s front staircase says that the library was build by Julius, in his father’s honour, after his death.

His father, Celsus was the Roman governor of Asia Minor early in the 2nd century AD. The Great Theatre, dates back to the Hellenistic period. In the 1st century AD it was succesfully reconstructed, expanded by the Romans until it reached the seating capacity of 25,000. Marble Road, runs between the Library of Celsus and the theater and is a part of the sacred  walk way.  Return to Kusadasi Port

IMPORTANT NOTE: All sites included in the program are under the security control of the Izmir Chief Rabbi’s Office and are visited only on an appointment basis therefore, the clients are encouraged to book in advance.  Copy of passport is required to be submitted. Please note, this is a sample itinerary and will be customized on request to add more sightseeing.

Our partners in Turkey have strong connection with the Jewish community , with advance notice, visit with Jewish community can also be arranged. There are some kosher restaurants which serve kosher meals. Groups are welcome! Kusadasi Departure from the Kusadasi port to visit Jewish neighborhood.

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