Jewish Heritage – Piedmont – The Region of 16 Synagogues

A tour to discover the Jewish presence in Piedmont, starting from year 1400, with Savigliano as the oldest settlement. No violent expulsion took place during the centuries since then, and..

A tour to discover the Jewish presence in Piedmont, starting from year 1400, with Savigliano as the oldest settlement. No violent expulsion took place during the centuries since then, and Jews were not heavily persecuted in this area, even if they were confined in the ghetto and no rights were recognized to them.

Only after the year 1848 they obtained a true emancipation, when civil and politic rights were granted to all citizens, and ghettos were abolished.

Well known names of Piemontese Jewish citizens such as Primo Levi, brothers Rosselli, Leone Ginzburg, and many others, can be found in anti-Fascist organizations and with active involvement with Resistance Movement. Jewish presence in Piemonte is mainly evidenced by the 16 historical synagogues, representing a unique collection of Jewish cultural heritage in Italy.

Piemontese temples can be mainly subdivided in two groups. The pre-emancipation synagogues were placed inside a residence, not recognizable from the outside, and in this group can be mentioned the baroque example of  Carmagnola, where is preserved an octagonal Tevà with canopy, in painted and embellished wood, dated back to year 1766.The post-emancipation synagogues, on the contrary, are characterized by a monumental architecture, and in this group can be mentioned  those of Asti, Cuneo, and Torino. The building initially intended to become the majestic synagogue of  this town is the monumentalMole Antonelliana, which in the course of building was sold back by the Jewish community to Torino municipality because of excessive building costs.

Casale Monferrato is a small jewel of Piemonte, with a beautiful baroque synagogue dated back to year  1600. The ghetto streets still maintain their original aspect, with intercommunicating courtyards and long balconies, whilst inside the buildings there were passages allowing the movement from one house to another without going outside in the street.

In Alessandria can be visited the big synagogue, with the small winter temple in the inside, which is considered a priceless component of Piemontese Jewish art. You can also taste the well-known white truffle from Alba, the Asti wines, and many other eno-gastronomical specialties.



arrival at Torino and transfer to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight in Torino.


Breakfast. Guided tour of Torino, with particular attention to Jewish aspects of the city, visiting the ghetto streets where the original structure has been maintained, even if the buldings have been restored or re-built. Lunch. In the afternoon it is possible to choose between a guided tour of the historical area with Royal Residences, sumptuous mansions of Savoia family and the Royal Armoury with a collection of arms amongst the most important in Europe, or free time for a visit to the interesting ancient Egyptian Museum. Dinner. Overnight in Torino.


Breakfast. Transfer to Cuneo, for a guided visit to the synagogue located in the heart of the ghetto which is composed by two streets only. Lunch. Transfer to Mondovì, where a particular synagogue is still preserved. Transfer to Alba, where the well known white truffle can be tasted for dinner. Overnight in Alba.


Breakfast. Transfer to Asti for a guided tour through the historical centre, where we can see the synagogue, the ghetto houses still unchanged through the years, and many other Jewish memories. Lunch. Transfer to Alessandria, for a guided tour of the synagogue and the area where the ghetto was initially settled, which was subsequently modified. Dinner. Overnight in Alessandria.


Breakfast. Transfer to Casale Monferrato. Visit to the Jewish quarter with the ghetto, the synagogue (one of the most beautiful worldwide), and the Museum of Jewish Art and ancient History. Lunch. In the afternoon, guided tour in the historical city centre. Transfer to Milano. Dinner. Overnight in Milano.


Breakfast. Guided tour of the city, visiting also places and locations where evidence of Jewish presence in Milan is still preserved. Lunch. In the afternoon, it will be possible to choose between  a visit to the “Cenacolo” of Leonardo da Vinci (subject to advance booking), and free time for shopping. Dinner. Overnight in Milan.


Breakfast. Transfer to Milan airport.

This is suggested itinerary  for individuals and groups, prices are on request, please email number of people, dates and we will provide you a quote.  These are very popular for synagogue groups and can be combined as a stopover on the way to/from Israel. We can also arrange a shabbat with Jewish community on request of the group.

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