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Private Jewish Heritage Itinerary of Egypt


We present a Jewish History private itinerary with cooperation of our local supplier in Egypt whether it is a legacy heritage tours or Biblical based tours. In these tours we take travelers to visit the old synagogues of Cairo some of them are from the time of prophet Jeremiah at the time he lived in Egypt around 650 B.C.E.  We take travelers to visit Musa ben Maymon synagogue one of the prominent Jews that lived in Egypt in the 11th century known for the west as Maimonides, they always say from Moses to Moses there was no other Moses. We can arrange meetings with Milk Drop organization which is an Egyptian NGO responsible for taking care of the Jewish heritage of Egypt through our local connections.

Cairo, The Nile and Alexandria

Day 1 Thursday:                                        

Arrival: Arrival at Cairo Airport. Our meet-and-assist service will great & assist you through the passport control area and help you through luggage claim and customs. Then will transfer you to your hotel The Kempinski Nile Hotel.

Day 2 Friday:                               B, L

Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel.

Egyptian Museum: Meet your Egyptologist guide at the hotel lobby and visit the museum which is home to an extensive collection of more than 120,000 ancient Egyptian antiquities. Stand face-to-face with the Burial Mask of King Tutankhamen. Then go through the highlights of the museum.

Lunch: Dine in local authentic restaurant.

Old Islamic Cairo: A city that is over 1000 years old. Then walk in El Muizz Street, which has the greatest concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world. Explore the winding alleyways of the famous Khan El Khalili market, the major souk of Cairo.

Maimonides Synagogue:

This is one of the most important Jewish sites in Cairo. Musa bin Maymon, or as he is better known in the West, Maimonides. This synagogue was on the north side of the Jewish Quarter in the 1900s (the Karaite Quarter was further north) and points to a long Jewish presence in this historic section of Cairo.

Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 3 Saturday:                                     B, L

Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel.

Saqqara: Drive to Saqqara, the necropolis of Memphis, home of the step pyramid, the first limestone structure ever built. Explore its 4350 years old colored tombs. Get the chance to go inside a pyramid and see the ancient Hieroglyphics that have been engraved on its walls for thousands of years. Then visit the off beaten track tombs of Mhu, the Brothers & the Butchers.

Lunch: Dine in local authentic restaurant.

Pyramids: Proceed to the Pyramids of Giza.  The only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, they are among the world’s greatest tourist attractions and never lose their ability to inspire and overwhelm visitors.

Camel Ride: No trip to Egypt would be complete without a ride on a “ship of the desert”, and so you will have an opportunity to mount your individual camel for an Unforgettable ride across the sands of Giza from a distance.

Lunch: Dine in local authentic restaurant.

Sphinx: Visit to the mysterious Sphinx, an ancient figure shrouded in legend and mystery. Your Egyptologist will enthral you with the tales told of this fascinating figure.

Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 4 Sunday:                               B, L

Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel.

Coptic Cairo: Visit the remains of the old Fortress of Babylon, built at the time of the Romans in Egypt to protect the country from invading enemies. The walls of the fortress enclose the Church of St. Sergius, which is built on a crypt considered to be one of the resting places of the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt 2000 years ago.

Synagogue of Ben Ezra:

Visit the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, from the time of the once thriving Jewish community in Egypt under the leadership of Rabbi Ben Ezra. Inside were discovered the so-called “Geniza Documents”, which showed an unparalleled source of information about life of the Jews in Egypt’s past.

Lunch: Dine in local authentic restaurant.

Hotel: Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 5 Monday:                                     B, L, D

Breakfast: Breakfast or boxes will be arranged from your hotel.

Transfer: Transfer to the airport to fly to Luxor.

Arrival: Arrive in Luxor and start visiting:

Karnak Temple: Visit the temple of Karnak, the largest religious complex that was ever built for a god. The temple is dedicated to the god Amon Ra, the chief creator god in Ancient Egypt. Explore Khonso Temple which is one of the off beaten track sites.

Transfer: Transfer to your 5 * Cruise May Fair line or similar.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise.

PM Luxor Temple: At sunset visit the Luxor temple that was predominantly built by Pharaoh Ramses the second. After the visit you can explore the city Souk.

Dinner: Dinner & entertainment onboard your cruise.

Transfer: Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 6 Tuesday:                                       B, L, D

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise.

Valley of the Kings: Cross to the west bank of Luxor & start the visit to the hidden behind the mountains on the west bank of the Nile. Visit the tomb of King Ramses 6 & the famous tomb of King Tutankhamen, where they discovered over five thousand objects of jewelry, alabaster, and funeral furniture. Then have the off-beaten track experience by visiting Dra Abu el Naga where you will be dazzled by the details in the tombs of Roy and Shoury.

Hatshepsut temple: Visit the temple of Hatshepsut the only female pharaoh who dressed and ruled like a king. Have a photo stop by the huge Colossi of Memnon.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise.

Afterwards, sail up the Nile.

Dinner: Dinner & entertainment onboard your cruise.

Day 7 Wednesday:                              B, L, D

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise.

Edfu Temple: By horse carriage visit the temple of Horus at Edfu, the most intact temple from the ancient world.

Lunch: Lunch onboard your cruise.

Sail to Kom Ombo.

Kom Ombo Temple: Walk to visit the temple of Kom Ombo temple, dedicated to the crocodile and falcon gods. Stop at the Crocodile Mummification Museum, where you can see crocodile mummies that are thousands of years old.

Dinner: Dinner & entertainment onboard your cruise.

Day 8 Thursday:                                  B, L, D

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise.

Abu Simbel Temple: Drive for about 3 ½ hours to Abu Simbel and start to visit Abu Simbel on the southern border of Egypt. This site is the home of two massive rock temples dedicated to Pharaoh Ramses the Second and his wife Nefertari. See the gigantic statues of the pharaoh standing for over 3200 years, flanking the entrance to one of the most impressive temples in Egypt.

Lunch: Lunch boxes will be provided from your cruise.

The Supplement for this trip by flight is $ 235.00 per person.

Transfer: Transfer back to your cruise in Aswan.

Felucca Ride: After lunch, go on a leisurely felucca sailboat ride down the Nile and sail around Elephantine Island, A treat with a glass of wine during the amazing sunset.

Dinner: Dinner & entertainment onboard your cruise.

Day 9 Friday:                                  B, L

Breakfast: Breakfast onboard your cruise & disembark.

Philae Temple: In the morning, visit the island of Philae and the temple that is dedicated the goddess Isis the goddess of love and passion in ancient Egypt. The Temple of Philae is in a beautiful setting, landscaped to match the original site of the temple when it was relocated by UNESCO after the building of the Aswan Dam threatened the site.

Transfer: Transfer to Aswan airport to fly back to Cairo.

Alexandria: Drive to Alexandria for about 3 ½ hours:

Lunch: Lunch will be on the way or in Alexandria.

Hotel: Transfer to your hotel the Steigenberger Cecil Alexandria Hotel.

At the evening you might explore Alexandria by night & walk the neighborhood or rest at your hotel.

Day 10 Saturday:                              B, L

Breakfast: Breakfast at your hotel.

Do the PCR Test (if applicable).

Catacombs: The Catacombs are the largest known Roman burial site in Egypt, consisting of three tiers of tombs and chambers cut into the rock to a depth of about 35 meters. Constructed in the 2nd century AD, probably as a family crypt, they were later expanded to hold more than 300 individual tombs.  There is even a banquet hall where grieving relatives paid their last respects with a funeral feast.

Pompey’s Pillar: This massive 25-metre-high pink granite column, which the Crusaders mistakenly credited to Pompey, rises out of the remains of the famed Serapeum, an acropolis including a temple dedicated to the Goddess Isis, and Cleopatra’s library.

Lunch: Lunch will be in a local restaurant overlooking the Sea.

Roman Amphitheater: This is the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt, discovered quite recently, when the foundations for a new apartment building were being dug. The terraces, arranged in a semicircle around the arena, are extremely well-preserved.

Transfer: Transfer back to your hotel & overnight.

Day 11 Sunday:                              B, L

Breakfast: Leisurely breakfast at your hotel & checkout.

Alexandria Synagogue: Alexandria unveiled a newly renovated 14th-century synagogue as part of a push to market the country’s rich cultural heritage. The Eliyahu Hanavi synagogue, boasting green and violet stained-glass windows and towering marble columns, was built in its current form in 1850 by an Italian architect on top of the original edifice dating back to 1354; the original building was badly damaged during Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Egypt in 1798.

Alexandria Library: Visit the wonderful library that was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. The library was rebuilt as it was one of the most famous one’s around the world and it’s reviving the famous ancient library of Alexandria.

Transfer: Drive back for about 3 hours to Cairo.

Lunch: Lunch on the way to Cairo.

Hotel: Check in the Le Meridien Airport Hotel & overnight.

Day 12 Monday:                             B

Breakfast: Breakfast or boxes at your hotel & checkout.

Transfer: Transfer to the airport for your departure flight with your heart filled with memories, experiences, and voices of Egypt.

End of Services.

This is a private itinerary customized for each client.  Email for more information and reservation.



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