Few days in Warsaw

Warsaw itinerary 2-3 days Day 1. Meet your guide for Warsaw tour. Arrival Warsaw, transfer to hotel. Special tour not only of the former Jewish Ghetto area, but as well through..

Warsaw itinerary 2-3 days

Day 1. Meet your guide for Warsaw tour.

Arrival Warsaw, transfer to hotel.

Special tour not only of the former Jewish Ghetto area, but as well through the Old Town and Royal Route in the context of past and present connected with Jewish culture. Tour includes also includes the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes erected in 1948 which symbolizes the heroic defiance of the Ghetto uprising in 1943.; drive along the Path of Remembrance marked by 16 granite blocks commemorating the Jews who were murdered in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Stop by the Bunker Monument, a small mound, topped with a boulder, commemorating the location of the bunker from which Mordechaj Anielewicz led the Ghetto Uprising. The next stop in Umschlagplatz where you see the monument composed of black and white marble blocks. The names of hundreds of people from the ghetto, who passed through Umschlagplatz, are inscribed onto the surface of the monument.

Drive to Jewish Cemetery on Okopowa Street where you can see graves of many famous people buried here including the touching monument standing over the Janusz Korczak grave, it depicts him accompanying the Jewish orphans, who were under his car, to a Nazi death camp.

Afterwards, drive to see the Nożyk Synagogue, with impressive portico crowned by a metal dome bearing the Star of David. The interiors feature the Ark, the cabinet that contains the Torah schools.

Visit to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (closed on Tuesdays) – the first museum to present the history of Polish Jews, a bridge to past and present day of Jewish community in Poland. See the main exhibition, splendid example of the synagogue, as well as the temporary exhibits, collection of documents, photos, letters and documentary movies. Tour will be led by a representative of The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland, established by the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture in 2009 to serve as its representative office in Poland, to oversee its educational and cultural heritage tourism program and support its Jewish Heritage Initiative in Poland (JHIP). The Taube Center shares its office with the Jewish Genealogy & Family Heritage Center, a department of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.

Day 2. Visit to most beautiful parks

Today visit to most beautiful parks of Warsaw. Visit to Wilanow Palace,  see the beautiful interiors including the Great Crimson Room, the North Painting Gallery including portraits of Polish kings and aristocracy, the Great Hall with Allegory of the Four Elements or the King’s Bed-Chamber with the canopy over the bed from the 17th century Turkish fabric.

Palace is surrounded by Baroque Park which is the most historic section of Wilanow grounds, laid out in the Baroque style behind the palace. Afterwards drive to Lazienki Royal Park. Take a leisurel stroll to see Palace on the Isle, Amphitheatre, Old Orangery and Monument of Frederic Chopin.

Day 3

Morning visit  Treblinka /located 110 km from Warsaw/ – the extermination camp at Treblinka in which hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered. was built in the spring of 1942 near an existing penal labour camp and covered an area of 17 hectares. It has been estimated that about 850,000 people were killed here – Jews from occupied Poland, Czechoslovakia,France, Greece, Yugoslavia and the USSR, as well as from Germany and Austria. Polish and German Gypsies were also sent to Treblinka.

AfternoonL The village of Tykocin / located 175 km from Warsaw The village of Tykocin is an example of a Jewish shtetel. The town of Tykocin was divided down the middle into the Jewish district on the west side and the Christian district on the east side. A Jewish community was founded here in the 16th century and it quickly became an important centre of both Polish and Jewish cultures. Tykocin synagogue considered one of the finest Synagogues in Poland, Talmudic House, has been converted into a museum with artifacts from Jewish religious life.

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