Calabria, Italy

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According to a legend, Reggio was founded by Aschenez, Noè great-grandson.
The 4th century synagogue, rich in mosaics, located in Bova Marina, is the
oldest in the West after the one of Ostia Antica; In the Middle Ages, many Jews
settled in Calabria, and they stayed until the expulsion at the beginning of the
sixteenth century; they returned for a few years, attracted by the inhabitants
oppressed by Christian bankers, but were definitively expelled in 1541, with
the consequent economic decline of Calabria Region.


Meeting and presentation of the program, introduction about Jews lost in Calabria
Walking Tour of “Il Timpone”, Jewish Medieval Quartier of Nicastro.
Return to the Hotel, dinner


Visit to the Synagogue Ner Tamid of the South in the mountain village of Serrastretta. Here there is
the first still working synagogue in Calabria in 500 years after the period of Inquisition. Walking tour
in the area of TirIolo e San Pietro Apostolo. Lunch in a private house is possible with local dishes of
the old local and Jewish tradition.
Return to the hotel and dinner.


After breakfast, departure to visit to the Museum and the Concentration Camp Ferramonti
where Italian soldiers and locals saved 4.000 Jews.

The Ferramonti Camp was opened in 1940 and it was the biggest Concentration Camp
during Fascism. In the camp there were Jewish people, coming from abroad andItalian Jewish, antifascists, groups of Chinese and political refugees. In 1945 the camp was taken by allies and definitely closed.

Visit of Cosenza in the north of the region. The city is located on the seven hills in the
valley of the river Crati. The historical area is formed by narrow streets with old buildings.

We will visit the historical centre, the Cathedral, the most important squares and old buildings, witnesses of the old
and noble beauty of the city.
Lunch and Dinner included.

DAY 4 Lamezia – TROPEA – REGGIO CALABRIA 60 km + 100 KM

After breakfast visit to the historical center of Tropea. The blue of the sea such as the rock on which the village lies will
astonish you Fantastic the visit to the cave under the rock. It is a link between two beautiful beaches.
In the center you will enjoy through the small old shops where you can buy local products, olive oil, local wines, the famous
local onions and red chili pepper.
Free time for lunch and for a swim.
Dinner in the romantic historical center. Night in Reggio Calabria


After breakfast a short visit to the Museum of Lazzaro-Motta San Giovanni where among the more than two
hundred precious and rare objects there is a Jewish lamp decorated in a mold with the symbol of the menorah
found in the last century. Then we will continue along the Ionian coast and visit the beautiful villa of Casignana:
It was built in the 1 st century A.D. and preserves beautiful mosaics. Students thought that it was the property of a rich and very important patrician
family, probably linked to the wine business. This is a hypothesis based on the many fragments of Roman amphorae found there and on the characters present in the mosaics.
Second stop will be Bova. Capital of the Greek Calabria and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The history of Bova is very ancient. Here the elderly population still speaks the ancient Greek Language (a unique situation in Italy).

The synagogue in Bova: During the works on the roads, workers discovered the ruins of a IV century synagogue in
Bova is a small village on the Ionic coast, probably recognized as the ancient Style.
The synagogue was formed by 2 different square rooms. The first room was the lobby. In the main room a mosaic
is well kept and it contains sixteen panels with geometric forms (the rose and the so-called “Solomon’s knot”; which recall the symbols of the
menorah (center), the ethrog, the palm branch (right) and the shofar (left).
Lunch in local restaurant.

On the way back after lunch, visit of the ancient Brancaleone Vetus: formerly called Sperilnga or Sperolonga from the
Greek name Spelugx which means: Cave.
It stands on a hill and rock caves are its characteristic. The caves can still be admired today. It is interesting to know that
recent studies and researches affirm the presence of the Armenians in the VIII-IX century. A.D.

Particularly interesting is the cave church called of the “Tree of Life”;. That church has the
same characteristics of the cave churches of ancient Armenia and Cappadocia.
At the sunset we will have a tasting of typical products accompanied by the renowned local wine.

It will be served on the beautiful hill where we can admire an incredible view of the
same sea from where the Saracen arrived in the past.


We will dedicate all day to the visit of Reggio Calabria.
In the morning visit of the Museum and in the afternoon visit of the Library and of the city centre that still keeps Hebrew
Not everyone knows that in the Jewish quarter of Giudecca was printed the first Bible in Hebrew
now kept in the Museum in Parma. The Museum of Reggio is an interesting building of the Antifascist period and keeps
beautiful objects of the Greek period together with the famous “Bronzi di Riace”, big bronze statues of two Greek
warriors from the mid-5th century. B.C. made by Phidias or maybe his school. The two statues are considered among the most significant sculptural
masterpieces of the Greek art for its beauty and perfect preservation.

Lunch will be served in the Museum of bergamot where you will know about the story and the properties of this fruit that
can be found only in the province of Reggio Calabria
After lunch we will visit the city center, the Aragon Castle the Medieval area and the Cathedral that is the biggest religious
building of the region. Going toward the seafront we will pass next to the Greek walls and the Roman baths. The seafront is a very beautiful
promenade full of exotic plants. It was an inspiration for many poets and writers enchanted by the sight of the Strait of Messina.
Free time for a shopping.


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