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We provide tailor-made Jewish Heritage travel, genealogy research in Belarus. Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus can take you to your roots and bring you to the home of your ancestors. There are the..

We provide tailor-made Jewish Heritage travel, genealogy research in Belarus.

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus can take you to your roots and bring you to the home of your ancestors.

There are the people who preserve and perpetuate your past. We are preserving the memory of our Jewish ancestors from Belarus for the present and future generations. Researching your family tree is a voyage of discovery.

Even a lifetime’s ancestral research is no substitute for actually visiting Belarus.

“Walking in your Jewish ancestors “footsteps”” – is no cliche. It really is a powerful experience. And that means – a trip to Belarus. We will fulfill the many unique requirements that ancestral homecoming have.

We recognize that each travel program is an individual and personal experience, and to ensure this we will completely customize your travel plans and design a unique program for you. Whether you are traveling with just a few of your immediate family, or as a large Family Association Reunion, we will work with you to design your personal itinerary and then take care of all your travel arrangements from accommodation, transportation, meals, admissions, visa support documents.

The clients are guided through special visits to synagogues, JCC, Jewish museum, private homes, Jewish cemeteries, Holocaust memorials and archives.

With our partner being based in Belarus, we are able to bring their local knowledge of destinations and experience of local suppliers to provide you with your perfect trip.

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in to international airport “Minsk-2”

Meet and greet, check into hotel

Optional: Trip to a National Historic Archive

Day 2: Minsk

Museum of history and culture of Jews of Belarus, Jewish city block of 19th century, central place of destruction of Jews of of Minsk within the Holocaust a memorial “Hole”, Jewish communal center, main choral synagogue of city, Old Jewish cemetery, memorial in memory of Jews from Germany destroyed in the city of Minsk, museum of Great Domestic war.

Day 3: Minsk, Khatyn, concentration camp “Small Trostenets”, Dudutki.

Visiting a memorial complex “Khatyn” in memory about 2.2 million inhabitants of Belarus, victims within the second world war, concentration camp “Small Trostenets”, where during 1941-1944 have destroyed more than 200,000 Jews of Belarus and the countries of the Western Europe. Dudutki – an unusual museum of the Belarus place of 19th century (baking of fresh bread, manufacturing of pots from clay, the real smithy, tasting of local vodka).

Day 4: Visit to Shtetl  (family heritage routes)

Day 5: Visit to Shtetl

Day 6: Visit to Shtetl

Day 7: Minsk – Stolbtsy -Mir – Nesvizh – Minsk Stolbtsy –

the Jewish ancient cemetery of 1795, a memorial of 3000 Jews of city destroyed in 1941-1942, meeting with the Jewish families of city.

Mir – house of Radzivila – a historical monument of 17th century, Jewish city block, a building of a synagogue, a building yeshiva, the Jewish library, an ancient Jewish cemetery of 1731, a memorial to over 1500 destroyed Jews of the city, a tomb of last rabbi of a place – a place of execution of 700 Jews of the city.

Nesvizh – the Jewish city block – a place of destruction of 1500 Jews, building of a synagogue, a historical museum of a place, house-museum Radzivilov – medieval Belarus magnates.

Minsk – a lodging for the night

Day 8:

At the request of clients – purchase of souvenirs, meeting with leaders of the Jewish community


Contact us to discuss your plans and we will be happy to prepare a quotation for your ancestral or heritage tour and look forward to bringing you back to Belarus to discover the world that your ancestors once knew.

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