Jewish tour of Amsterdam JEWISH AMSTERDAM Walk through the Jewish history of Amsterdam (approximate 3 hrs) Our walk starts at the heart of the Jewish history in Amsterdam, the Waterloo..

Jewish tour of Amsterdam


Walk through the Jewish history of Amsterdam (approximate 3 hrs)

Our walk starts at the heart of the Jewish history in Amsterdam, the Waterloo Plein. First you enter the City Hall and hear the history of the area. Then you will see the monument for the Jewish resistance fighters, walk through the Jodenbreestraat, pass the House of Rembrandt on your way to the Uilenburger synagogue. You will pass one of the most beautiful renovated factory buildings in Holland, the former diamond factory. The diamond industry is at  the heart of Jewish history of Amsterdam.

Our walk takes us to the Portuguese synagogue for an extended visit. (not on saturday) You will view from the outside the the biggest complex of synagogues in Europe,  which today houses the Jewish Historical Museum. The history of the Jews in Amsterdam is a very sad and painful history. We will stand at the Auschwitz Memorial, in memory of the six million Jews that were murdered during the Second World War.

Almost 70000 of these Jews came from Amsterdam. You will visit the better neighbourhood, called the “Plantage”,  in which 50% of the Amsterdam Jews lived until 1942. Our walk will end at the Hollandse Schouwburg. In this former theatre, the Jews of Amsterdam were gathered by the Nazi-Germans and sent from here to the concentration camps. Today, a Memorial and Museum stand at this site.

The Portugese Synagogue.  Visit this impressive complex, which has been built in 1674 and has almost not been changed since then. Hear about the rich history of the Sephardi Jews of Amsterdam. After you have watched an interesting movie you will be taken on a walk through the huge complex of the synagogue and will hear and see all the details of this fabulous building and its history. Then we will take you to the another synagogue. You may finish your visit at the synagogue shop.

The Russian synagogue. This synagogue is active since 1880, hidden behind a common house door. The interior has a special atmosphere. Services are held every shabbat.  A visit for feinschmeckers.

The Anne Frank House. You may want to visit the world famous Anne Frank House. This is an important period of Jewish history. A visit takes at least 2 hours. The site is on the western side of the city and it may take some time to get there. Kosher Lunch and dinner are possible with advance reservation. Concert. It will be great to relax after your day of Jewish Amsterdam, listening to a special concert of Jewish music at a special location.

We offer you various programs from different musicians.

Jewish Historical Museum We did not put this museum in our program as it takes a long time to visit. It is certainly worth a visit.

We will be pleased to arrange a guided tour for you in this museum. A classical boat round trip through the canals of Amsterdam. ( 1 hr. + 15 minutes) After a long walk it will be nice to relax on a luxurious boat and view this lovely city from your chair.

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