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Moldova Trip report. Jewish Heritage, Chishinau

I was invited to experience Moldova. History When I mentioned at home that I will be going to Moldova, people asked: "where???".  Some did not know such country exists. Others confused it with Moldavia area of Romania. Some asked if this is the same country from Dynasty Soap Opera of 80's. I had to look…...
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Bulgaria and Macedonia Trip Report

A little bit of history. Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, just about 100 years older than Greek City-States.  The country was founded in 681 BC. According to the archaeological finds, the first settlers were Thracians.. Between the VII and VI centuries BC the ancient Greeks started the colonization of the Black…...
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Barcelona Exploration Report

I finished my conference and post conference study trip in Granada. October 7 I flew on Vueling airline to Barcelona. Unfortunately Vueling cancelled flight and rebooked me 3 hours later so my 2 days visit was reduced for 3 hours. In Barcelona airport, my guide Laurie has been waiting for me. I work with Laurie…...
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One of the most overlooked Jewish Heritage sites

When most of us think of Jewish heritage travel, places like Jerusalem or the Warsaw Ghetto come to mind. Yet, from the pre-Inquisition sites that dot Spain, to farming villages in South America, hundreds of forgotten or under-visited Jewish sites exist across the world. When we put out the call for recommendations of our readers’…...
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Jewish Travel Agency is one of the TOP 25 Travel Agents!

In 2010, The Jewish Travel Agency and Mrs. Kulich received top honors from  her peers being named by Travel Agent Magazine a “Top 25 Agent.” There are specialists for every kind of travel, but a specialist in Jewish heritage travel? That’s pretty unique. “My true passion is customizing tours for individuals and groups wishing to personally experience…...
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Portugal Trip Report

January 2009 The time have come for our January 16-24, 2009 study trip we organized for travel professionals to explore Portugal in every single aspect: history, architecture, Jewish Heritage, gastronomy and wine. We have a small group of selected 9 agents from different parts of USA arriving Lisbon I flew from Newark to Lisbon (Lisboa) on…...
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